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About Rob Grayson

Photo of Rob GraysonRob Grayson was born in England in 1970. His love for languages first emerged when he started learning French at secondary school in his home town of Rotherham, Yorkshire, in the north of England.

Having a particular love for the French language, but also keen to deepen his knowledge of how language functions more generally, Rob took a joint honours degree in French and Linguistics at the University of Nottingham. In 1994, having spent the year before working in France (in Le Havre), he was awarded First Class Honours (the highest possible degree classification). Thinking that he may one day like to go and live in France, he then studied for a qualification in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL).

After completing his studies Rob was keen to enter the business world, and was taken on by Barclays, one of the UK's biggest banking groups. After a period of training, he quickly progressed through a series of middle management roles. (During this period he also obtained his second Honours Degree, in Financial Services.) With his love for communication, Rob unsurprisingly ended up working in Barclays Marketing department, where he held several high level posts (including Product Group Manager, Strategy Manager etc.)

Having always maintained a love for France, Rob and his wife decided in the end to move there permanently with their two children. They chose the Le Havre area for its ease of access to England, and because Rob had kept in touch with friends that he had made there during his previous stay several years earlier.

Rob set up New Horizons Communications in order to put to good use his love for languages and his experience in the world of business and marketing.

If you'd like more information about Rob or a copy of his CV, please contact us.

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