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Our expertise

We are a translation business who care about the quality of service we provide. That's why we only undertake translation from French to English. To find out more, click here.

We can provide translations in the most common formats (e.g. Microsoft Word and PowerPoint). We can also translate web sites by working directly on html pages. To find out more, visit our specialisms page.

Our preferred means of communication is e-mail, due to its convenience and speed; we can also send and receive documents by fax. For our contact details, click here.

Our specialisms

We can translate French texts of a general nature, whatever their source. However, we do specialise in certain areas - to find out more, click here.

We also offer....

- Editing and correction of French-English translations

- Proof-reading and editing of English texts.

We are not....

....a translation agency which allocates its work to freelance translators. So if you ask for a service that we don't provide, or if we feel we're unable to meet your needs, we'll say so. (In this case, we may be able to recommend the services of an alternative translator who could help you - purely for information and with no liability on our part.)


We guarantee total confidentaility with respect to all your documents - whether you've placed a confirmed order or simply asked for an estimate.

Terms and conditions

Before accepting any order, we ask all our clients to read and acknowledge our Terms and Conditions. We're not being fussy - we're a serious business and we want the important stuff to be clear right from the outset - for your benefit as well as ours. To ask for a copy of our Terms and Conditions, please contact us.

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